bsh-10-year-guarantee-whiteAs quality craftsmen, we want you to be happy with your shepherd hut. However, we also want you to be happy that, in the unlikely event that problems arise, we will be there to sort things out for you.  So we are very transparent about the after-sales care and warranties we give.

As a Blackdown customer, we treat you like part of the Blackdown family – we will always listen to your issue and try to put a solution in place. This is why, in addition to your statutory rights, we offer you the following 10 Year Limited Warranty on our products, which sits alongside our Terms and Conditions of Sale:

The key elements of your shepherd’s hut are as follows and as we manufacture them ourselves, we will guarantee them against defects in design, materials and workmanship for 10 years:-

Heritage, Retreat and Turnkey Shepherd Huts

– Chassis;
– Cast iron wheels; and
– External structure.

You also have the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty on any appliances we have fitted for you – we provide you with all the relevant documentation in a convenient folder.

This Warranty also covers you against water ingress, subject to the general exceptions below.

Self-Build Huts

– Chassis;
– Cast iron wheels; and
– Roof Sheets.

Please be aware that this does not cover any issues which are caused during the construction of the huts by you.


We will not accept liability for issues caused by:

– fair wear and tear;
– accidental damage;
– deliberate damage
– any issue caused by post-purchase modifications that are not made by us. For this reason, our Warranty on Self Build huts that we do not construct ourselves is limited as above.

Warranty Applicability and Claims

This Warranty extends only to the first purchaser of the hut in each case and is not transferable.

Subject to your statutory rights, we shall have no further liability to you other than as set out in this Warranty and in any case the total sum of our liability shall not be more than the original cost of the element involved.

To make a claim under this Warranty, you must provide us in writing (which can be by email) with proof of purchase, your original order number if possible, your contact details and a description of the problem.

On receipt of your claim, a Blackdown representative will contact you within a reasonable time to discuss the problem with you and potential solutions. Solutions may include our arranging a repair, replacement or other solution that we consider appropriate in the circumstances, taking into consideration the nature of the problem, the age of the particular element, and the physical location of the hut.

We will strive at all times to provide you with a solution that is acceptable to you but we reserve the right to make the final decision on what action to take.

Third Party Items

When the issue relates to a third party supplied item, we use reputable suppliers who have passed our quality control tests. We will pass on the benefit of their warranties to you. If you prefer, we will deal with third parties for you if there is an issue. Indicative examples of the sorts of items included are:-

Roof sheets          – the warranty for structural failure of a sheet is up to 30 years
Fridge                    – dependant on manufacturer and model
Shower                  – dependant on manufacturer and model
Wood-burner        – 3 years
Window glass       – 5 years
Paint on joinery    – 3 years

All warranty periods quoted above are examples only and are not binding. Specific information will be provided on request: this is not an exhaustive list. Please ask us about particular elements that are in your hut if not listed above.

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