Shepherd huts were originally conceived a few hundred years ago. In fact, early publications going back to the late 16th century mention huts being used by shepherds. The huts were made on farms with whatever was to hand, if there was a resident carpenter then it would have involved mainly wood, if you had a blacksmith then it would have been more metal.


Use of shepherd huts by farmers reached a peak in the late 19th Century and dwindled in the 20th century with the advent of mechanised farm machinery and electric power reaching even remote farms. Their use persisted in some northern counties in the United Kingdom, particularly Westmoreland and Northumberland, where the terrain of the uplands supports little else but sheep farming.


The shepherd hut was a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, sitting room and storeroom all rolled into one. The designs vary but all were constructed to provide the shepherd with practical and durable accommodation. The old huts had a stove in one corner for warmth and cooking, and a window on each side so the shepherd could see the flock. A hinged stable door, which was always positioned away from the prevailing wind, enabled him to hear the flock, and strong axles with cast iron wheels were used to withstand the constant movement from field to field.


Things have progressed since then, Blackdown® Shepherd Huts create luxury living spaces that include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices and saunas – your options are literally endless, you dream it and we’ll craft it to your reality.

With quality and luxury from Blackdown® Shepherd Huts as standard, you have the opportunity to be the envy of every Victorian shepherd.

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