• Heritage Huts

    Inspired by the shepherd’s huts of yesteryear, our wriggly tin metal-clad hut with a metal chassis is a brilliant addition to your home or business.  Built with all the workmanship and solidity that we are known for, this metal option is perfect for those who want to customise the exterior to add colour to their shepherd’s hut.

    Prices start from £18,650 inc. VAT

    Click here to see examples of our Heritage Shepherd Huts or carry on down this page to read the detail of what goes into our huts.

    Click here to watch our new Heritage Shepherd Hut video

  • Turnkey Huts

    Our Turnkey Shepherd Huts offer you the opportunity to indulge your imagination and create your own cosy space including all the extras like kitchens and bathrooms that you have at home.  Perfect for you or your guests, for private or business use.Clad in our signature feather-edge oak cladding and completely bespoke to your needs, your shepherd hut will be completely individual to you and can be as luxurious or as simple as you choose.  A real statement piece purchase.

    Prices start from £26,000 inc. VAT

    Click here to see examples of our Turnkey Shepherd Huts or carry on down this page to read the detail of what goes into our huts.

    Click here to watch our new Turnkey Shepherd Hut video

  • Retreat Huts

    Our Retreat Shepherd Huts have an oak chassis and are clad in our signature feather-edge oak cladding.  Choose where to place your windows and doors and plan out the space inside to suit the uses you have in mind for your Shepherd Hut.  This options retains space flexibility as it does not include fitted kitchens and bathrooms, but has all the usual bells and whistles you should come to expect from a Blackdown Shepherd Hut.

    Prices start from £20,400 inc. VAT

    Click here to see examples of our Retreat Shepherd Huts or carry on down this page to read the detail of what goes into our huts.

    Click here to watch our new Retreat Shepherd Hut video

Blackdown Shepherd Huts – with quality built-in

Our huts are available in 12, 14, 16 and 18 foot lengths and 7 foot 6 inches wide, workmanship comes as a standard offering, but for those of you who want to know exactly what your shepherd hut is made of, here are all the components we use:

Chassis: Hand crafted solid oak chassis with cast iron stub axles and turntables from our local foundry.  All the metal work is presented with a highly durable black finish. To prove the pedigree of your hut, “Blackdown Co.” is embossed on the casting, and then picked out in gold.

Plaques: Each finished hut has two brass plaques; one with an assigned serial number making it as individual as the client who commissioned it. The second has the year of manufacture along with our logo – the solidity of your hut means that you really are investing in an heirloom of the future.

Base: This is constructed using a 75 x 75mm redwood frame, secured together with flush industrial strength fixings. The underside is fitted with a sturdy 12mm ply lining, coated in a water resistant black finish.

Walls: Each of the four walls consists of a 38 x 64mm redwood stud frame, firmly fixed together.

Roof: The roof consists of 48 x 64mm curved rafters constructed from glued cross grained veneers, giving a light, durable and strong structure that is resistant to cracking, shrinking, splitting and twisting or warping. On top of the rafters, we use 0.7mm first grade galvanised corrugated steel sheets with a highly durable PVC plastisol coating to improve durability. These are finished in black.

Fascia and bargeboard: Another signature element of a Blackdown® Shepherd Hut. A solid wooden fascia and barge board is scribed into the roof sheets all around the hut to create a smoother look. These are finished in your choice of eco-friendly Farrow and Ball colours.

Joinery: All our joinery is constructed using hardwood. Our traditional window and door layout, consisting of a single stable door and two windows, is constructed using Idigbo and finished with traditional cast iron fittings. Please contact us for a full joinery list with details of sizes, styles, materials and prices.

Waterproofing: We seal the hut using a breathable waterproof membrane that covers the walls and roof prior to the cladding being attached, ensuring that damp is not going to permeate the structure.

Insulation: We use a 50mm depth eco-friendly Thermafleece sheep wool insulation to fill the floor, walls and roof; keeping your hut warm and cosy, ensuring year-round use of your hut.

Exterior cladding: You have a choice of two styles when it comes to the look of the exterior. You can go for our brand image 150mm deep naturally seasoned maintenance free oak feather edge boarding OR you can choose the 0.7mm gauge first grade galvanised corrugated steel sheet in a choice of colours.

Internal cladding: The interior of your hut is decorated with rough sawn vintage style boarding finished in your choice of eco-friendly Farrow and Ball colours.

Flooring: Our floors are constructed using 22mm solid oak flooring, which is beautifully laid in random widths to create a natural look. The boards are then finished in eco-friendly Bona Naturale sealant.

Decoration: We use luxury Farrow and Ball paint colours for all of our interior and exterior decoration. The colour scheme is completely up to you, and is part of your opportunity to add your stamp to your unique hut.

Electrics: This is something that you wouldn’t have found in the original shepherd huts! We include a household 240V plug on a trailing lead (made to your desired length), 16amp socket connection point, consumer unit (fuse board) situated in a built-in cupboard, and 2 double sockets. For the lighting, we include Bakelite switches on oak bases and two metal “Teme” spot lights for walls by Tinsmiths – www.tinsmiths.co.uk, alternative lights can be chosen from here. On the exterior we include a downward wall lantern.

Oak steps: An exceptionally beautiful addition to any Shepherd Hut, 75mm oak beams are carefully sawn and sanded to create a more elegant entrance to your hut. We use traditional keyed mortice and tenon joints at either end of the three steps and finish them in Danish oil to enhance the colour of the wood.

The final ingredient is the love and care for their work that all of our team possess – your hut will be assigned to you the moment we process your order, so the team aren’t just building any old hut, they’re building YOUR hut. When it comes to delivering the hut, they’re almost sad about it going!

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