There are many benefits to spending time outside with loved ones, and with summer weather hopefully returning very soon, now more than ever is a wonderful time begin planning adventures and creating memories with friends. We have collated a few of our favourite reasons to spend time outside this Summer below.

Benefits to spending time outside

Reduces our Stress Levels

Being outside in our natural environment have been proven time and time again to help us feel calmer. The outside world is renown for lowering our cortisol levels, otherwise known as our stress hormones, which not only help restore a little inner peace, but can also have big impacts in improving our sleep and reducing physical pain!

Try New Activities

Picking up new skills and activities that bring a little joy to our lives is something we recommend all year round. However, the summer months really do open many windows, especially in the realms of outdoor activities such as sport related hobbies. The summertime also provides us with a new perspective and a new way to do hobbies or activities we already dabble in. For our keen readers, instead of limiting your reading time to when you wake up or before you sleep, why not head on outside and read alongside the company of the birds and the breeze.

Keeps Us Strong

Whilst sun safety is absolutely crucial, it has been stated that where possible everyone should be getting a little sunlight every single day. Our bodies require sunlight to help produce Vitamin D, which helps to strengthen and care for our bones. So… if you needed an excuse to go out today, then getting stronger definitely has to be one of them and you don’t even have to go to a gym!

Improves bonds and relationships

Just being outside with our friends and collectively taking part in activities helps strengthening our social connectivity, which in turn helps us to make memories and can improve our mental wellbeing. Whether it be going out to see a worthy destination or even just sitting on the steps of a shepherd’s hut with a cheeky glass in hand, any time spent with friends is well spent.

Makes Us Happy

Last, but not least, being out in the summer sun makes us happy! The Sun boosts serotonin levels, which not only raises our general positive vibes, but also helps the body to function better such as digestion and sleep. Happy bodies make happy people.

However you wish to spend the Summer months, we hope you have a wonderful time and don’t forget to share any summer shepherd hut memories with us on social media.