It is no surprise that we love shepherd huts and how versatile they can be. From the initial concepts in design to being able to fully realise and create that perfect dream space, there is a lot of beauty in the freedom of personalisation and vision. This is the reason why if we are ever asked what is the number 1 reason to own a shepherd’s hut, its ability to be versatile has to be our choice.

Versatility in kitchen space

Let us explain

Peaceful retreats, weekend getaways and glamping top-picks, living spaces, workspaces or even a beauty salon… There is an ever-growing endless list of ways in which a shepherd hut can be used. We have built a vast number of shepherd huts covering a wide range of uses and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Whilst we cherish and respect the heritage of shepherd hut history, witnessing and being a part of the evolving nature and journey of a shepherd’s hut is truly a blessing.

Freedom of placement

We also cannot forget to mention the beauty of freedom of where a shepherd’s hut can be placed. We have trekked down country lanes, and up hills, and we often go abroad. There are very few areas where a shepherd’s hut cannot be placed and in some cases they can even be moved around should you need it.

Versatility in living space


Whatever your style, you can find a way to personalise your shepherd’s hut to you. Personalisation is at the very core of your shepherd hut journey. We can help you choose the colour of the walls and can even supply curtain blinds. Once your shepherd’s hut has come home to you, you have full control over the little personal touches, that makes your shepherd’s hut true to your vision.


Not sure where to start your shepherd hut journey? We have a variety of photos on our gallery from both home-based customers and established glamping entrepreneurs as well as a variety of inspiration on Instagram. Or why not contact us to view our display huts here at Blackdown Shepherd Huts HQ.

Versatility in Office Space