Meridian Office Hut from Blackdown Shepherd Huts

A space to call your own

In today’s ever-busy, always-on, life, the desire for a space to call your own is like an ever-present backing track, playing away and, now and again, subtly bubbling to the front of your consciousness.

For some of us, that much-needed respite can be found by curling up in a chair with a good magazine and a mug of tea. For others grabbing the dog and heading for the proverbial hills provides a much-needed escape.

But if you work from home, that need for separation becomes much more pressing.  Clearing things away every day to release the table for its evening family role is a complete pain – sweeping everything into a heap and balancing it somewhere hopefully not too precarious.

If you’re a craft business, the clearing can be a mammoth task and sometimes in the process, those creative flows get packed away too and takes a while to regain each time.

This is a problem we can solve for you

It’s a problem we have regularly helped clients with, supplying fully built Retreat Huts as studios to artists and hobbyists. 

In addition, our Tasker self-build shepherd hut option offers you the opportunity to indulge your inner artisan, utilising Blackdown’s quality materials and support.

The flexibility of a shepherd hut workspace in the garden and the degree of separation that it provides from the household is certainly appealing, so for 2023 we challenged ourselves to go one step further and create a full tech office solution in a shepherd hut and the result is our new Workspace hut.

Creating a meridian between home and work, stepping into the office has never felt so good.  A sit-stand desk faces the full-width window, providing a perfect light source for photographers or a view to inspire those creative thoughts.

Behind you, you’ll find purpose-built shelving and file storage, a coffee machine and a hot water tap.  Below there’s a drawer fridge to ensure your drinks are cold and your lunch is fresh.

The built-in seating area opposite the desk offers a perfect informal meeting space, or the chance to recharge for a few minutes whilst you enjoy a mid-morning cuppa.

Fully alarmed and with the capability to control the lights and music from your phone, this might just be the one workspace that you’ll be reluctant to leave!