About Us

Hi, I’m Will and I set up Blackdown Shepherd Huts in 2011. I started building my first hut in my garage, using my 20 years of carpentry and bespoke building experience. The result was a success, and shepherd huts have become a passion.

I’ve grown the business with my fantastic team of skilled craftsmen in Ilmnister, Somerset, and have been fortunate enough to work with some really lovely customers who are delighted with their luxury huts, whether they be self-build or bespoke.

Historically, shepherd huts were mobile structures which could be moved around the field to give the shepherd shelter as he tended his flock through the lambing season. They were built using whatever materials the farmer had to hand and so came in various shapes and sizes. We’ve taken our inspiration from these original structures and adapted them for modern living, which affords you the luxury of a little more space than the shepherd’s average 12ft x 6ft.

We would love to meet you in person, make you a cup of tea and then show you around our display huts and our workshop, but first, as an introduction, let us tell you all about the luxury living space that is a Blackdown Shepherd Hut.