What is the advantage of a shepherd’s hut over an extension to my house?

A shepherd’s hut offers the option to add additional space and flexibility easily and with minimal disruption from builders etc. A lot of shepherd hut installations don’t need full planning (this varies so you need to check for your own specific circumstances) and are a cost effective way of adding space. You can also change the location of your shepherd’s hut in the future, should you wish to, or you can potentially take your hut with you if you ever move.

Why should I buy a shepherd’s hut rather than a yurt or bell tent for my own use or as a glamping business?
A shepherd’s hut has greater longevity than a yurt or tent – will last for generations to come and does not need to be dismantled in winter like a yurt or tent. The sheep’s wool insulation means that you will be toasty in winter and cool in summer – and our roof insulation means that rain on the roof will be a comforting rather than a drumming noise!
Towby Towable Hut FAQs
What is the advantage of a Towby over a standard commercial towable unit?

A Towby offers all the flexibility and towability of a standard commercial unit, but comes with the added bonus of being eye-catching and standing out from the crowd. An oak shepherd’s hut will also age gracefully allowing you to get a better return on investment.

Is a Towby fully road-legal?

We’re great believers in getting the experts involved when it is an area we are new to, so we use commercial chassis approvers to type test and approve all of our towable units to ensure that you are safe and legal. Another bonus of a Towby unit is that you can tow at a legal road towing speed of a trailer rather than being limited to a much lower speed.

How does the commercial payback work out compared to other units?

The Towby huts that we currently have in circulation have paid back their investment much quicker than the purchasers expected due to the eye-catching appearance of the hut and the ability to stand out against the competition. We can take you through the likely payback for your own particular situation, but it’s not unusual for it to be less than a year.

Self Build Hut FAQs
What is the advantage of a Blackdown Self Build over other options?

We may not be the cheapest on the market but we were the first people to offer this as an option, and you don’t just get a kit of parts when you buy a Blackdown Self Build, you get the benefit of all the tricks and tips we’ve learnt over the years. We provide an instruction video and we’re always on the end of the phone – a Blackdown Self Build guarantees that you won’t suffer from Ikea-like frustration syndrome!

How much of a handy man do I need to be to build a Blackdown Self Build shepherd’s hut?

We’ve done all the thinking for you so you don’t have to be a qualified joiner to build a really great hut – however there is still the option for you to get really clever about your extra bits and pieces. You can also buy as much or as little of the kit as you please – so the choice is all yours.

Questions to ask when looking to purchase a Shepherd's Hut
Is the shepherd hut fully insulated (floor, roof and walls) – as I want to use it year-round?

Are the huts built by qualified craftsmen – so that I know the workmanship will be of good quality? Has the company attained the British Standard so that I know safety regulations have been adhered to?

Do you give a warranty on your shepherd hut – so that I know I will be looked after if there is a problem after I have owned the hut for a while?

How manoeuvrable are they, do they have turning axles as I may want to move it in years to come?

Has the company got extensive experience in the construction industry, so that I know all the structure is sound?

Is the interior woodwork protected around the fire (heat deflection plate) to ensure that there is not a risk of scorching and peeling and do you vent the area correctly if a wood-burner is fitted?

Is care taken over the areas that aren’t initially on view – things like how the roof meets the body of the hut and the fit of the windows to ensure that the rain can’t get in?

Does the company offer a variety of choices with regard to exterior and interior finishes so that I can customise to my own taste?
Is there a range of hut sizes and options available so that I end up with a hut to suit my needs?

Will you keep me posted about the progress of my hut so that I know it will be delivered on time?

Any company promising top end service and quality should have no problem in answering yes to all these questions.