Our Story

We’re really proud of our team and so pleased that our customers appreciate all they do. We started from humble beginnings in Will’s garage and we wouldn’t have got to where we are now without our team and our customers – so a very big public thank you to you all.

William Vickery

William completed a carpentry apprenticeship from school, whilst working for a local building company.  He found that he had a passion for carpentry and that working in the building trade enabled him to understand all the aspects of building and maintaining properties.

He purchased his own house at the age of 20 and then stepped across into the world of property development, overseeing a number of very successful property developments.

It was a conversation with one of these customers that set him and his cousin, George, on the trail to shepherd hut building.  He asked them to build one for him, which they did – and coming from farming backgrounds they were captivated by the heritage of shepherd huts, but also intrigued by the opportunity that the flexibility of the space presented.

Blackdown Shepherd Huts was established in 2011 and now Will oversees the workshop and all things to do with hut build, at the same time as ploughing forward with the development plans for the future.

Alan (The people meeting one)

Alan is our front-man and joined us with key management skills and go-large company experience so his knowledge and skills have been a real asset to Blackdown, and our customers love him.  We’re not sure if it’s his cheeky grin or his patter – or maybe he is just bribing them with biscuits!

Bridie (The font of all knowledge one)

Bridie joined us after she had completed her law degree and we are never going to let her go!  With her unfailing capacity to put up with all of us and organisational skills which are second-to-none, she has helped us move the business forward and amazingly still likes working here.  Her unflappable nature is a key asset and really comes into its own when we have a problem to solve – Bridie aims never to let a customer down and will move heaven and earth to make sure that happens.

Jamie (The never stops one)

Having joined Blackdown Shepherd Huts in the early days, Jamie`s working life started in engineering and his metal and wood-working skills have been a real asset to us.  Nowadays, his sheer knowledge of Blackdown means that he is our go-to person for organising the workshop, providing direction and keep standards high, just as we like them. He has the youth, enthusiasm and speed that keep the team driving forward.

Richard (The all-round skills one)

Richard started his working life in the building industry. After some years he realised that he had a passion for woodwork and wanted to specialise in this field. He went back to college to gain more experience and qualifications in carpentry and joinery. He ran his own company successfully for many years, so he understands the need to hit deadlines and always has the customer at the forefront of his mind. Richard’s skill set is amazingly diverse, this makes him an excellent all-rounder in every aspect of hut creation.

Jon (The Ramp Insider one)

Jon has been with us for a few years now and has worked in various departments and is working on our ramps now.  His cheerful disposition keeps us all in good humour and he can be relied on to crack a joke when you need it!

Mark (The wood magic one)

Mark loves making things and is a bona-fide joiner bloke, he constantly amazes us with his ability to transform pieces of wood into stunning hut furniture and loves nothing better than a challenge. He’s become a key part of our product development team and is often to be found making new pieces that Will has dreamed up.

Julian (The strong one)

Julian has had a wide and varied background and is an all-round lovely chap with a particular talent for top-class workmanship on our oak chassis – another important member of our team who has been with us from the early days.

Emma (The sensible one)

Emma is our ‘Captain’ who keeps our feet on the ground and always has good advice when we need it. With many years of experience as an entrepreneur, director and business mentor she is one of backbones here at Blackdown and is always happy to offer support, business savvy or calm us down when we get over excited.

Amanda (The numbers one)

Amanda is in charge of the purse strings here at Blackdown and is our accounts ace!


Amy (The geeky one)

Amy is our resident girly geek. Taking charge of our website, social media, answering general IT techie questions when Alan breaks stuff in the office and is our ‘go to girl’ for when the need for a nerd arises.

Bella (The happy one)

Bella (a pooly x pug) is our customer service representative, she ensures that everyone visiting is instantly greeted and made to feel welcome.

Harry (The finishing god one)

Harry is in charge of add all the finishing touches and flair to your shepherd hut.  His ingenuity, attention to detail and passion for his work are amazing.  He’ll curse when you ask him, but he secretly loves a challenge and away he goes and performs a miracle or two before you get back.

Glyn (The people joiner one)

Glyn started with us as a skilled joiner but quickly his passion for the job and people have led him to become the one responsible for making sure that the Blackdown team keep that lovely family feel that we all value.  With his unbounded enthusiasm and commitment everyone benefits from Glyn’s support and encouragement.

Ross (The plans magic one)

Ross joined us part time whilst at college and impressed us so much that we offered him a full time apprenticeship and he has come on leaps and bounds since then.  Keenness and the willingness to learn are things that we value highly at Blackdown and Ross delivers in spades.

Scott (The Spray One)

One of the newer members of our team. Scott is methodical and organised and brings a wealth of spraying knowledge to the spray shop.

Bella the Beagle

Alan & his partner rescued Bella, although Bella thinks that she rescued them.  Her enthusiastic greeting is always welcome but she spends her days dreaming up new ways to escape.

Spud (The Methane One)

Spud the Greyhound was rescued by Glyn & his partner – his methane moniker comes from his unfortunate guffing habit, which is bravely borne by those in the office with him.  In his breaks, he busies himself clearing our boundaries of all predators.