Our 3rd  #BlackdownBrochureStories is the story behind our deliveries and our passion behind delivering your shepherd hut with our quality service. Feel free to order your brochure- just click here!

Often, when customers call to enquire about their dream shepherd hut, a common concern can be whether the access to that perfect spot is going to be a problem. We totally understand that concern, but we’ve had nearly ten years of experience in delivering and siting our huts now, so there’s not much that phases us.  We deliver and install all our shepherd huts with our own team rather than outsourcing our deliveries elsewhere and we’ve solved some fairly tricky access problems along the way.

Often, where there’s a Will…(this is Will)

there’s a way, and since Will and his cousin founded Blackdown back in 2011, Will can quite often be found on deliveries with the rest of the delivery team. This means we’ve acquired a valuable set of skills and knowledge over the years, so we can talk through your access concerns and make the right plans from the outset. Whether that’s in your flourishing garden where the fruits of your labour need to be respected and taken care of, or perhaps a cosy nook of land on your smallholding that beholds the most breath-taking view for a glamping retreat.

If we can’t get in or around, we go over, it’s not unheard of for us to use a crane to get your shepherd hut into place, like for the Ashbridge’s hut a few years ago- here’s what they had to say:

“As you know when we first met I was sceptical about whether a hut would be even possible in my preferred location, never mind practical and I also had to convince Lisi that it was a sensible present to myself. We had been looking at a rival company’s brochure and had pretty much dismissed the whole idea.

By chance, we came across Blackdown and on a free weekend thought we would drop in, just to see what they were about. From the outset, the quality of the product on display and the options available reignited my excitement at the prospect. However, it was their can-do attitude and friendly optimism that really assuaged our concerns and persuaded us to proceed.

Throughout the design and build programme nothing appeared to be too much trouble and Blackdown’s enthusiasm ensured that we enjoyed the process. Even Lisi was won over!!

The big test was really the delivery and managing to install the hut giving the big logistic difficulties of the site. This went without, so far as I could see, any hitch and was an achievement in its own right.

Six months on the hut is a huge asset to our life and lifestyle. It was thoroughly enjoyed throughout the summer and now that the winter is here, with a small heater installed, it provides a luxurious retreat and haven from TV soaps and dancing programmes! I cannot begin to praise how much added value the hut has given us, as well as being a pleasure for just ourselves but also for entertaining friends and neighbours. In short, the hut has proved a brilliant and unqualified investment success. Many thanks to you and all the Blackdown team with whom it was a real pleasure to work.

We wish you all the very best for a very successful future. It is well deserved.” – John Ashbridge, Retreat Hut customer.

That’s what our passion is all about, providing a quality shepherd hut with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. So, we would always say no matter how impossible you might think it would be to get your dream spare room, office, glamping retreat, or garden retreat in the ideal location, book in to come and have a chat with our Alan and we’ll explore the different ways of getting your dream hut placed in the most beautiful space.


We wouldn’t be able to offer such a bespoke service without having our own team on the job.  We love discerning spaces after all, whether that’s inside the shepherd hut or the shepherd hut’s location and we’ll put those years of experience to work, as we feel that the moment we hand over your Blackdown Hut to begin its story with you is an important one and we should have our own people on the job. No compromises.