Blackdown Brochure Story 4: “A sanctuary in this bonkers year…”

Right at the beginning of this year (before lockdown no. 1 would you believe!) we delivered a very special Quercus Retreat Hut to Alison Arthur.

We love our customer’s stories and Alison’s story conveyed everything our Retreat hut is about. In our new brochure (click here to request your copy), we feature a photo of Alison’s hut affectionately named “Jasmine”. But the photo we chose was not of the hut as a whole, it was a very special and particular detail- and if you know us already, you will probably know that we love a detail!

An incredibly special plaque, from her loving parents; the plaque was a special message from Alison’s parent’s wishing her a happy birthday, which is what this hut was all in the name of; celebration, family, and a personal retreat for years to come.



Here’s a photo of delivery day when Alison, her husband Mike and her parents gleefully watched our Will and delivery team put her into position.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Alison and her beautiful Retreat hut, over email in lockdown no. 2 and Alison explained that her “Jasmine” had been a sanctuary in the last few months:

“Jasmine is looking gorgeous and so cosy now I’m having the heating on. She had a happy summer sun-bathing as the position means there’s a lot of sun shining through during the daytime and lovely sunsets. I’ve now got a cosy sofa and little table at the sink end (lined up to get the view over the garden and the sunsets) and the yoga mat under the star-gazing light. We’ve sown a load of wildflower seeds in the bed behind so that will be lovely next summer. I use her most of all just for a peaceful time-out to read quietly and, of course, do yoga and it has been such a perfect sanctuary in this bonkers year.” – Alison Arthur, Quercus Retreat Hut Customer.

That’s what we like to see, our Retreat Hut living up to its name and becoming a valuable space to relax and enjoy the little things in life that make a huge difference.

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