This is the first in the series of our ‘Blackdown Loves…’ blog posts.

We start with our love of oak. We are craftspeople, and working with wood is such a huge part of our job. We love oak. Oak frames, oak chassis, you name it – if we can create something with oak, we will. Our Turnkey Quercus (oak) and Retreat Quercus huts are some of our most popular huts for both residential and commercial use.

The very essence of our company is quality, and nowhere is this more visible than when it comes to the materials we use . Oak is just a wonderfully quality material.

All of our shepherd huts are as individual as the people that buy them. We have designed and built our products ourselves, using the original shepherd hut as our inspiration, and oak is integral to making these huts come alive.

During construction we take rough sawn oak and cut it to shape before finely sanding it and then coating it in Danish oil. The chassis is the foundation to any shepherd hut and our ultra-strong oak chassis (also available in metal) is designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also to be durable and hard-wearing enough to withstand the elements for centuries to come.

Inside our huts, the flooring, skirting, shelves and window sills are fitted out with solid 20mm oak boards and finished with a beautiful hard wearing wax oil finish. Our Quercus exterior cladding, which is a feather-edged oak cladding, is exceptional and will last for generations.

It’s not just the look of oak that appeals, but it’s the smell and touch of oak. Solid and beautiful, and renowned for its longevity, oak is the foundation of our shepherd huts. We love the smell of oak in the wood burner too – did you know our workshops and office are heated by wood off-cuts? If you love the idea of outdoor feasting, then cooking on wood is an amazing experience – food definitely tastes better cooked over wood, so try it on your fire pit.

We hope we have inspired you to indulge in some oak! Share the love!