It’s the little things for us with our huts. The little, intricate details that take your breath away. The way something is aligned or curves, the shape it gives, the texture, the feeling. It’s all in the detail with Tom Raffield, and that’s why his lights are so perfect for Blackdown Shepherd Huts.

Tom Raffield create contemporary lighting and furniture that blends traditional techniques with modern technologies – much the way we create modern living with our traditional shepherd huts. Tom Raffield uses steam bending for their wood and we love the shapes and shadows the lights create within our oak huts.

We’re all about British suppliers for our huts, and the Tom Raffield designs caught our attention a few years ago. We first showcased Tom Raffield lights in our Shepherd’s Brace hut, the interior design of which is always commented upon as beingspectacular.

Tom Raffield’s design studio is in Cornwall and their ethics match our own. Tom Raffield is forward-thinking with an eye for the extraordinary, and the breathtaking wood bending creates some truly unique pieces that complement our huts.‎