Our customers buy their shepherd huts for a number of reasons; like a home office for an inspired destractionless space, luxury glamping accommodation for an exciting new business venture, an indulgent guest bedroom, or perhaps a relaxation retreat at the bottom of the garden. With this in mind, we think it’s safe to say that our shepherd huts are the place to be whilst relaxing and taking time to let go of the stresses in life and enjoy your own company and others’.

The Family Brace Hut is no exception, with two full-size beds and a child’s bunk, kitchen, dining and living space, the whole family can cosy up with the log fire crackling away and connect with each other. But sometimes a bit of ‘you’ time is needed to indulge in a relaxing activity. This is why, when we discovered Sevin London’s luxury candle making kit in Lockdown No.1, we just had to share it with you, and what better place to make a candle than in our Brace Hut for the ultimate #blackdownmoments

Sevin’s passion “lies in creating a perfect atmosphere through stunningly crafted pieces” and if you know us already, you’ll know that we strongly second that!

So, we shut the door, popped the Christmas lights on, lit the fire, and unboxed a little piece of heaven- Sevin London’s candle making kit. Made with 100% Eco Soy Wax and other natural ingredients the smell of the essential oils permeated through our shepherd hut and weaved its way around the space.

Using the built-in Smeg induction hob in the kitchen area, we melted down the eco soy wax and prepared the pre-waxed wick, ready to pour the melted wax into our container. As the fire crackled away in the background, the familiar sense of satisfaction that comes from any craft or festive activity, enthused us when we carefully removed the wax from the heat.

With our hand-crafted kitchen space lit by our very own light bar, designed and crafted by us here at Blackdown, our workspace was beautifully illuminated for us to carefully pour the wax whilst we continued to follow Sevin’s handy instructions.

Very soon,  we had our very own scented candle poured and setting, and were looking forward to the later enjoyment of indulging in its warm glow and calming scent. The beautiful atmosphere of the shepherd hut and candle created the ultimate sanctuary for relaxation and a huge sense of achievement.

So, there you have it, the second of our #blackdownmoments blog; a relaxing and festive activity recommendation, and perhaps we have just introduced you to the perfect Christmas present from a small business! Discover your Sevin London candle making kit and a whole range of luxurious here!

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