Interior Designer Marina from Blackdown Shepherd Huts

Colours and all things fabric related

When you buy a Blackdown Shepherd Hut, we weave all our years of experience into bringing your hut dreams to life, and one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your shepherd hut experience is planning the colours and fabric.

We know how it feels! Every time we do a new hut for our Display Garden, paint charts and swatches are an important part of the process and luckily for us all, we have an Interior Designer on the team who just loves to furtle around and find the perfect colour combinations or something a bit different if you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your space.

Some clients come with their colour scheme already sorted, some fall in love with our display hut colours, and others want to work with Marina to bring all their ideas together, so we should probably introduce you to Marina!

Marina’s been working with us since the early days of Blackdown and can often be found working her magic in one of the display huts – or alternatively trying to track our General Manager, Jamie, down to find out where on earth he’s hidden her latest styling purchases!



A fine art graduate who then put her talents to work in the film industry, styling on films such as Star Wars ‘A Phantom Menace’, Stephen King’s ‘1408’ and Merchant Ivory’s ‘The Mystic Masseur’.  Marina’s eye for colours is simply amazing. However, her real strength is that her film background, with its requirement to work to different design briefs, means that she’s extremely good at bringing out what the client needs, rather than simply imposing her own style on them. This means that clients always end up with a space that they feel is their own and truly reflects them.

We’ve asked Marina a few questions for you below.

BSH: Tell us a bit more about yourself, please.
MM:  I live in Devon and away from work I’m never happy than when I’ve either got a paintbrush or I’m at the beach with my family.  At work I love seeing clients’ ideas and personal tastes brought to a final design.

BSH: It seems appropriate to ask you what your favourite film is!
MM:  I love Peter Weir’s 1975 ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock.

BSH: Favourite colours?
MM: I have too many to name, but my most unfavourite colours are royal blue and egg yolk yellow.

BSH: A simple styling tip you can share with us today?
MM: I firmly believe three colours are better than two.

Marina is also on hand to style many of our photoshoots held within our show gardens and proves superior at finding the right tasty treats that fit the design brief – just take a look at one of her styled shoots with us here.

We’re looking forward to our next styling conversations with Marina for future projects.