After those long periods of lockdown in the Winter and Spring, Summer brought us a welcome release. Many of us embraced the natural world and our gardens when we looked to the outdoors to bring balance, peace, and joy back into our lives.

From enjoying the delightful company of our loved ones in our gardens around the fire pit, to letting the sunshine and summer’s breeze flood into our homes and huts, it’s evident that the small joys of summer encouraged many to focus on the simple things in life. Summer’s warming and calming serenity is something we all want to hold onto as we transition into a new season.

So, whilst Autumn begins to ease us into the colder and darker months of the year, we’ve put together some delightful ‘hobbies in your hut’ that will no doubt help you to cultivate the calm within your huts and homes. From relaxing rituals like journaling and baking, to exciting games nights with your favourite people, the shorter days and longer nights can work in your favour!

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