Blackdown Shepherd Huts are the perfect mix of tradition and modern comforts, specially designed to make the best out of the room they have, and several of our customers have seen the potential in their land to create some amazing glamping experiences.

Farms, hotels, pubs and campsites are the perfect location for our traditional shepherd huts to create a unique space, shooting lodge, farm diversification space, glamping retreat, or simply as a private escape.

If you’re looking for a project you can self build our shepherd huts, or you can order bespoke huts that can be created in single or double hut size, in oak or tin cladding. Turnkey huts are 18 feet long and contain a double bed, seating, kitchen area and a bathroom with shower and flushing toilet. A popular addition is our rooftop stargazing window – a must for the hut on the farmland that looks up at the night sky.  Our Brace Hut is a double hut that offers both a sleeping area and kitchen/living area, with incredible additions such as copper roll top baths.

Our aim is make huts that offer you a unique space that reflects your ethos and aims. Farms can really benefit from setting up a glamping business – why not use that space and offer the wow factor on your land! Customer expectations are high with glamping – they are looking for relaxation, nature, cosiness, peace, and something special. Fortunately, a shepherd’s hut really suits the farm terrain and location, and offers that sparkle for those who choose glamping. After all, the shepherd’s hut is a traditional structure used for decades on farms – our huts just happen to have all the mod cons, creating that glamorous camping that so many people are after for a staycation.

Glamping sites can achieve a relatively quick return on investment  and we have customers who have transformed a piece of land into a money-spinner –  check out our Customer Stories page!

Blackdown can give you all the advice you need for your hut. Glamping is bang on trend, and Blackdown huts are the perfect way to create a rural retreat, making great use of your land.

Come and talk to us at The Glamping Show 20-22 September and we can inspire you!
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