Alan Hetherington, Customer Relationship Manager explains how we helped The Parlour, at Greenacres.

Here at Blackdown we’ve seen a definite increase in farmers diversifying part of their holding into a glamping business, in the main attracted by the high return on investment yielded by a relatively small portion of their overall holding.

A typical example would be Tessa and David from Staffordshire. Having seen the returns that converting a barn into a holiday let gave them, they could see the potential for glamping to expand their business in a relatively low impact and quick way. As Tessa and David said “We wanted something that was built to the very highest standards for our guests to enjoy. It had to be very stylish, installed quickly and easily, and most importantly it had to fit the landscape and our home perfectly. A “Turnkey” Blackdown shepherd’s hut was the ideal solution.”

We are thrilled to report that Tessa and David are now running a thriving glamping business as Tessa says: “Business is building and we’re so pleased with the return on our investment, it’s a wide market as we’ve had clients from all over the world to stay on a little farm in Staffordshire. You can literally sit on the steps to the shepherd hut and watch the cattle, something people don’t have access to at home, therefore they come and stay with us.” That’s what we like to see, another farm owner with a future proof business.

Like Tessa and David many farm owners are seeing that the glamping market represents a potentially lucrative area of farm diversification and a quality solution like a Blackdown Shepherd Hut ensures the longevity of their plans.