Our first blog for #blackdownmoments is all about decorating a discerning space like our shepherd huts…

Whether you are an early bird when it comes sprinkling some Christmas decorations in your space, or you like to keep it a fleeting joy of the year, we believe that no matter how large or small your room, you can enjoy the season surrounded by your favourite decorations and our Shepherd Huts are a glorious example of this!

We are master makers of discerning spaces and believe that space should never go to waste- it should be embraced! So here are a few of our own thoughts on decorating a flexible and cosy space and how we did it in and around our Family Brace Hut.

The first thing you see when you approach our Family Brace Hut in our Display Garden is, of course, the outside and the oak-clad exterior of the hut. Naturally, we love the unique shape created by our Family Brace Hut, as it’s two huts joined together; so we thought this is something we should “em-brace”! (see what we did there.) A box of fairy lights later and the striking shape of our Family Brace Hut is- quite literally- up in lights, not only for us to enjoy, but for our customers who come and visit us for viewings too!

With the statement shape of our Brace Hut lit, the next step was to focus on the little details that make the largest impact; when we lit the outdoor candles the flickering glow warmed our hearts even more, as the joyful twinkle made shadows dance and brought a cosy and welcoming feel to the entrance of the hut, placed away from the Christmas tree, lining the steps safely inside some festive lanterns.

With Christmas trees, lights, and candles outside, inside our Family Brace Hut we decided to get a little crafty. With a favourite vase and some carefully chosen sprigs off the Christmas trees outside, we lit the fire shut the doors and set to work arranging our mini Christmas tree that sits beautifully on the kitchen surface with some lights to add that Christmas sparkle. A really simple and subtle way of making the most of a discerning space at Christmas.

So that’s the first of this month’s #blackdownmoments We just love decorating the huts in our display garden each year, and the great thing is that these ideas will work well in your home too!

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