We are more than a bit excited to share a new product with you – well, more than just a new product, a new collaboration too. And that’s the new Swinging Day Bed and Canopy, made in collaboration with Sitting Spiritually.

We unveiled this amazing creation for the first time at Badminton Horse Trials in May this year… and you loved it! There weren’t that many minutes in the five days the show was open for where at least one person wasn’t on the Swinging Day Bed! Not only did we have lots of comments about how comfy the day bed was (and it absolutely is!), but you loved the canopy too, and the lightshow that we’ve built into the ceiling!

Let’s talk about the Swinging Day Bed

As mentioned, this piece is a collaboration between us and the lovely people over at Sitting Spiritually. The Swinging Day Bed is the latest addition to Sitting Spiritually’s range and is beautifully made from oak, which comes from FSC sustainable sources. The bed comes with super comfy cushions in lots of colours, and there are lots of great options available so you can get the perfect combination for you. The bed has chains that allow it to be suspended from a structure to give that relaxing movement. That’s where our Canopy comes in.

And now for the Canopy

Well, we like a new challenge, and when we saw the Swinging Day Bed in the flesh, we had an idea… what if we could make it ‘all weather’ by adding a solid canopy? So that’s what we did!

The Canopy is handmade in our Somerset workshop alongside our Shepherd Huts, and is made using the same quality materials to stand the test of time. With broad oak beams to take the weight of the seat and a beautiful curved roof, you can see the Canopy’s hut heritage. But there’s one more surprise in the roof.

As you may have spotted, the Canopy has a starlight ceiling, which is made up of tiny fibre optics in the roof. These teeny lights change colour or stay the same (depending on what the user selects!). This was so popular at Badminton! 

We now have the Swinging Day Bed and Canopy available on the website too for you to find out more about… and you can always give us a ring with any queries you have.