Our first Brace shepherd hut arrived in the Display Garden in 2016 and since thentwo further display huts have been in occupation. Each time, we’ve pushed thebrace concept a bit further, with the second design being a family brace and then anoutdoor bathroom brace, but 2023 heralds a total revamp – we’re delighted to in-troduce our new Blackdown Fusion Brace. We’re fascinated by using clever designsto make the best use of space within the shepherd hut footprint, but this time we’vegone one step further and married the indoor space seamlessly with the outdoors toreally make the most of the outdoor experience that is synonymous with a shepherd hut stay.

The Blackdown Fusion is still two shepherd huts joined by a glasswalkway, but this time the rear hut is perpendicular to the front hut,creating stylish sleeping and lounging modules. If you wish, you canstop at this point and create your own outdoor area down the stepsfrom the two sets of double doors. But the Fusion really comes intoits own with the addition of the Blackdown chassis deck, creating anintegrated outdoor area with a covered function area at the end ofthe deck.We’re presenting our display hut with the outdoor kitchen module,but it could just as easily be a bath, a hot-tub, a sauna or acovered lounging area.

Inside, our styled interior also includes an entertainment module with the inclusionof Gallo Acoustic Speakers and a mini-bar module with integrated drawer fridge.The bedroom provides a real focal point with a king-sized bed and full-height head-board, wardrobe and a William Holland Bateau bath.

You can view our brand new Blackdown Fusion Brace Hut at The Glamping Show 2023 or by visiting us back at Ilminster, Somerset.