We snapped this in the entrance lobby at Another Place, The Lake on our recent visit to stay in one of the shepherd huts we supplied for their recently launched Outside experience.

But why a photo of wellies?

Because, well firstly, those encaustic tiles are just simply gorgeous, and secondly because the wellies just captured everything about their style of hospitality.

It’s all in the tread tales you see…

They’ve been placed at the door carefully, a bridge between the sumptuous interior world and the expansive outdoor world that’s out there over the door threshold.

An intuitive touch to help you make that leap…

Catering for all sizes and colour choices – you can see that some people stayed on the path and others went full on mudlarking on the banks of the river.

That’s the tales of happy guests right there, coming in from outside, having engaged with the outdoors in whatever way was comfortable to them.

Guests who will probably go in and sink into the sumptuous sofas, artfully placed to be ready to restore and revive.

Mastering the delivery of an exceptional experience is all in the detail.

Details that will have been meticulously planned, but when done well, they will often be casually overlooked by end clients.

Until they go somewhere that doesn’t have that depth…