Our “Makers” series continues with a look at Tom Raffield. A brand we’ve been delighted to showcase with their lighting range. Why not read below to find out a little more about Tom…


Tom Raffield – Leaders in Steam Bending Wood

Tom, a graduate in 3D Sustainability & Design, discovered the traditional craft of bending wood with steam during his time studying for his degree.  This bygone technique has been adopted into his life and since starting the brand in 2008, he has become a leader in this craft. All the more incredible that this has been a path taken by himself – he is entirely self taught in this skill.


Innovation & Sustainability

Steam bending has been used for centuries to manipulate wood to shapes such as violins or boat hulls.  However, the art of steam bending is incredibly time consuming and a bit on the unpredictable side, so it’s not a process that lends itself overly well to mass commercial production.  This doesn’t phase the team at Tom Raffield as that scale of production wouldn’t align with their brand values towards sustainability within their business.

A brand that takes great care and prides its effect on the planet, their processes use low-energy methods, have low wastage and do not involve toxic products in the method they use to hand manipulate wood into their innovative designs.

Today, it’s about iconic products – like the pendants we use here at Blackdown Shepherd Huts – or crafting bespoke one-off pieces that will become heirlooms of the future.

A nod to the heritage of this art form with an eye on the future.



You can find some more ways of how we have used Tom Raffield’s products through our gallery and if you’d like to keep with Tom Raffield, then here are their links for you to peruse.

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