That’s right you read correctly! We’ve launched our brand new brochure, and as you can see from the photo- we love it and hope you do too! Scroll to the bottom of the page to request yours!

The brochure is often the start of our customer’s Blackdown Journey as it’s the first thing that we send to you, along with a price list, when you enquire about our shepherd huts and request further information. ⁠⠀

So with this in mind, we wanted to create a brochure that really showcases just what we offer and how the discerning space of a shepherd hut can become the extra family space you’ve been pondering for a while, a garden retreat where you can indulge in your own luxury space, a unique glamping solution to wow your guest on an exciting business venture, or to expand your existing hotel or glamping offering.

We’ve put a brochure together that explains what our huts can do for you with plenty of useful information, customer stories, photos, and insights into what you can expect on your Blackdown journey to your shepherd hut shaped dreams.

To celebrate to the launch of our brand new brochure we thought we’d share our #BlackdownBrochureStories with a blog series dedicated to telling the stories behind our new brochure; including what happened when we revisited some of our huts and the stories behind the featured photographs, customers, team, and huts of course!  So grab a cuppa and take some time for yourself each week to enjoy our #BlackdownBrochureStories

The first of the series will be The Blackdown Timeline, telling the story behind our year by year photo timeline at the beginning of the brochure.

To order yours fill in the form below and request a brochure!