Tasker Shepherd’s Hut

At Blackdown® Shepherd Huts we believe in working with you to achieve your dream hut, rather than limiting your options. To that end, we have devised the Tasker, a hut-build which allows you to construct your own artisan hut, with our self-build system.  Having built quite a few huts, we’ve used our knowledge to pre-prepare the elements which need specialised equipment or components, but apart from that it’s all down to you and your skills (which can be anything from basic carpentry to fully-fledged builder).  The Tasker self-build option allows you not only to save money, but also enables you to add your own personal touch every step of the way.

If you, like us, gain a great deal of pride and satisfaction when utilising the fruits of your labour then our Tasker Self-Build Shepherd’s Hut is for you! – Check out our case studies to see what some of our previous clients think about our products and service.

Metal Tasker

Choose a metal chassis, and then decide if you would like our pre-built frame panels, joinery and extra components.  Our full kits come with instructions and pre-supplied with all the fixings you could need and some natty little jigs and tools to help you out, as well as our helpful instruction video.  If you wish to clad your hut in tin or oak, we can supply you with all cladding.

Available in 12, 14, 16 and 18 foot lengths – and 7 foot 6 inches wide.

Oak Tasker

The oak chassis is a real trademark of a Blackdown Hut, and as carpenters we have to confess to loving them!  Again, available in a choice of lengths with the option to add our pre-built frame and joinery onto your shopping list, this does represent a very cost effective way of combining Blackdown heritage and quality with your own hard work and ideas to create something really special.  Again, instructions and extras to make your life easier are supplied as standard – we can’t guarantee that you won’t swear at all – but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

Available in 12, 14, 16 and 18 foot lengths – and 7 foot 6 inches wide.

We provide videos to help you along the way and are always around at the end of a phone if you get issues as you go. You get all of the quality of our build components and our expertise, but the feeling of achievement and pride through building your own shepherd hut.

Please note that this is a home-builder solution, the parts are our design and protected and our terms and conditions do lay out that you are not permitted to use your self-build purchase as the basis to copy parts and build duplicate huts.

Your hut will be ready and transported to you on your delivery date
And then the story of your hut will belong to you…