The Meridian Workspace Hut

Meridian Workspace Hut


Does this sound familiar? You rush through breakfast, with the hubbub of family life ringing in your ears and you know that the email melee for the day is about to begin.

How about if you could stroll down the garden, setting the lights and the music up as you go, unset the alarm and walk straight into your very own office – whether your office is a traditional desk and laptop setup or a studio designed for creative projects.

Meridian Office Hut from Blackdown Shepherd Huts

Blackdown has been making shepherd huts since 2011 and over that time, we’ve learnt a lot from our customers about how they like to use their shepherd hut space. Our Meridian workspace hut has been designed and built by us to provide a Blackdown solution to the need to work from home in a purpose-built beautiful office or studio space. The    

When we designed our Meridian Workspace hut, we had the following in mind:

• An escape, yet a home-from-home,
• A hideaway, yet with views aplenty
• Everything in its place and a place for everything
• Space for you, and space for them
• A Heritage space, with bang-up-to-date technology
• An Ergonomic design, but supremely comfortable

You'll find space for work space essentials like a coffee machine in the Meridian office shepherd hut

Imagine this. A Blackdown bespoke-made rise and fall desk greets you, complete with your Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair just beckoning you to come and sit down.

With the printer and cupboards behind you, everything you need is at hand. Just a short reach away is that other office essential, the coffee machine, with a Quooker tap poised to deliver boiling water on an ‘as and when’ basis, and the fridge neatly concealed in the drawer below.

Gaze out of the full width glazed windows opposite your desk or relax in the comfy seating area, designed to be a space to sit and muse whilst enjoying the warmth from the Everhot electric stove, as it gently warms your lunch. For the full on relaxation experience, dim the lights with your phone controls and set the mood with some lo-fi chill playing out through the colour-coded Gallo speakers.

As the day ends it’s time to push the chair away from the desk, activate the outside lights and head back into the home world – safe in the knowledge of a day’s work well done.

Blackdown Shepherd Huts Display Garden Meridian Workspace Floorplan
The full width end window on the Blackdown Meridian office shepherd hut

The Blackdown Meridian Workspace Shepherd Hut is available in 14, 16 and 18 foot options and is 7 foot 6 inches wide.

The standard Meridian Workspace Hut comes with the following:

  • Metal chassis and our painted metal cladding
  • Oak steps
  • Hardwood painted windows and doors
  • Oak floor
  • Electrics
  • Standard light switches and fittings
  • Internal decoration with Farrow & Ball inspired colours

We have a useful range of exceptional optional packages you can add to the standard build, including Entertainment pack, Security & Lighting pack and a Hospitality pack.

The full width end window on the Blackdown Meridian office shepherd hut
Your hut will be ready and transported to you on your delivery date
And then the story of your hut will belong to you…