We are a company with quality at our heart. We build high end shepherds huts for commercial and residential customers so the materials we use must demonstrate the same luxury feel as the huts themselves.

As a business, we have strong eco credentials and look for coatings that complement our sustainable ethos. The paint we use is Teknos who create water-based, low and solvent free paints which help timber withstand harsh climates, protecting it from UV-light, rain, humidity and extreme temperatures.

“All our shepherds huts are as individual as the people that buy them but they also have to be practical and robust,” explains our Director Will Vickery. “Teknos paints give us the quality we strive for in terms of colour and effect.” Blackdown have been using Teknos paints for over four years on both their interior and exterior wood.

On the huts’ exteriors Teknos Aquatop 2600 provides a flexible, durable and microporous protective film which is resistant to attack from bacteria, mould and UV rays. Most of Blackdown’s shepherds huts are coated in the translucent version of this product allowing the natural beauty of the wood to be enjoyed, however there is a range of opaque colours should the customer request it. The exterior joinery is primed with Teknos Antistain Aqua 2901, minimising hardwood tannin staining.

“Inside our huts we use Teknocoat Aqua 2575 which works in harmony with the superior design and aesthetics of our shepherds huts,” Will reveals. “It comes in a myriad of colours so we can offer our customers an interior they will love and cherish for years.” This interior paint can be applied by spray, brush or roller to softwoods, hardwoods, engineered and modified timbers and even suitably primed fibreboards.

As demand for these exclusive huts increases, production speeds are critical so the quick drying and good stacking properties of all Teknos coatings make them the perfect paint partner for us at Blackdown. These modern technologies in production as well as design are combined with the best from the original shepherds huts to ensure a premium product.

Will concludes, “We create unique spaces that reflect the tastes and personalities of our clients. The range and overall finish of Teknos paints enrich that experience for our customers, while the ease of use and exceptional customer service Blackdown receives from Teknos, makes them our first choice for coatings.”