We price our huts so that the only extras that are added on are things that you choose to put in, so oak floors, electrics and interior decoration in our livery are included in the price on all of our Blackdown Shepherd Huts.  The Towby will be clad on the interior and the Artisan Self-Build is a basic kit which you can add to as you wish.

The best thing to do is to have a no-obligation chat with us and then we can price something for your own Shepherd Hut needs.

Blackdown Shepherds Huts – Quality is a given

Retreat Shepherd’s Hut – Wriggly Tin or Quercus Oak Clad Hut with our Signature Oak Chassis

Our Retreat Hut is based on an old Victorian shepherd’s hut and comes ready for you to accessorise with your furniture and interior fittings of choice. It comes in a choice of colours and makes a perfect playroom, garden room or spare room.

Prices from £21,769 plus VAT

Turnkey Shepherd’s Hut – Our luxury shepherd’s hut, available Wriggly Tin or Quercus clad and fully loaded with all the interior options, like a kitchen, bathroom and bed

We named this one the Turnkey as our aim is that it is a complete solution – it just arrives and you turn the key. With options such as bespoke-built kitchens, individual bathrooms, stargazer roof panel, pulldown wall beds and sofa beds – you can design a hut that caters for your every need. We’ve seen some amazing ideas from our customers, so would love to hear yours. This option is perfect for a spare room, glamping accommodation and just for escaping into.

Prices from £45,630 plus VAT

Shepherd’s Brace – Our top of the range offering consists of two shepherd huts, joined with a glass interlink panel and clad in our signature quercus oak cladding

Providing spacious accommodation which affords the room to add a free-standing bed, free-standing bath and all the toys, we think this is going to make a fabulous glamping, hotel or additional home accommodation option.

Prices include clad in your choice of clad.

From £66,038 Plus VAT Included Kitchen, Shower room & Radiators exterior in your choice of Quercus Oak or Wriggly tin
To £95,000 + VAT & more if you want more bespoke (fully fitted with all the extras – kitchen, fixed beds, shower room, sofa & heating). Our Shepherd’s Brace Hut is incredibly versatile, and when it comes to personalisation, the sky truly is the limit! So, why not give us a quick phone call to see how you can design your own perfect shepherd’s brace hut, custom made for you!

Towable Huts

Towable Towby Shepherd’s Hut – Our Oak or Wriggly Tin Clad Towable Shepherd Hut

Such a cute name for a real workhorse – this is a fully road legal trailer hut that can be towed at normal commercial speeds so that you can arrive at events in style. A real hit with customers, you are sure to stand out at events and the retro-nature of the hut adds a certain something to your commercial venture. These are just perfect to fit out as catering trailers, mobile shops, mobile treatment rooms and more.

Prices from £24,000 plus VAT

Artisan Self-Build Huts

Artisan Self-Build Shepherd’s Hut – Available as Oak or Tin Clad with Oak or Metal Chassis

As carpenters ourselves, we know that for some people there is just no real alternative to getting hands on and building it yourself. So we’ve distilled all the things we’ve learnt along the way and created a kit for the artisans among you. We can supply the hard-to-get parts of the build and a handy self-build video – meaning that you can self-build a quality hut and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Note: Our Starter Option is a steel chassis and framework, to which you can add additional components to the level you require for your own personal self-build hut. 
NB: This does not include fixtures & fittings like beds, stoves & skylights.


Product12ft x 7ft 6"
(3.65m x 2.29m)
14ft x 7ft 6"
(4.26m x 2.29m)
16ft x 7ft 6"
(4.87m x 2.29m)
18ft x 7ft 6"
(5.48m x 2.29m)
Oak Chassis5225544557756050
Metal Chassis3685396042354510
Sheepwool Insulation385440495550
Tin Cladding1375143014851595
Oak External Cladding(inc. fixings + corner posts)1485165018151980
Internal Cladding1375151316781815
Solid Oak Floor644710770825
Oak StepsFor Stable Door
For French Doors

Outdoor Additions

Hot Tub

Designed by Per Enoksson from Hikki, this Hikki Hot Tub allows you to soak and slip away into a soothing slumber – a perfect addition to your Shepherd’s Hut or grounds. 

Made entirely from wood and a salt water resistant aluminium, this hot tub will last you a lifetime. 

Price £3,850

The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

A beautiful hand crafted Green Oak Canopy by Blackdown married with a bespoke Swinging Day Bed from renowned seat makers, Sitting Spiritually. Relax and unwind with your favourite people under the starlight canopy, a magical addition to your garden or grounds.

From £14,495 to £14,995