A Beautiful Berkshire Family Hut

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When customers feedback to us that they love their hut, we just have to share their joy!  The Bland family have a hut just for them, and they couldn’t be more thrilled. We think the location looks idyllic.

This is their story.

About Us

John and I have been married for 33 years. We have two wonderful daughters aged 31 and 29, two grandchildren aged 3 and 1, and two Labradors!

We live in Berkshire during the week from where John commutes for an IT company and for 20 years we’ve been escaping to our old thatched cottage in the Devon countryside. It’s a place that has taken a major part in all our lives to the extent that our eldest daughter was married there!

The cottage has morphed over the years as the girls have grown up but even it was challenged by the arrival of our lovely grandchildren. We needed a solution to find more space that was in keeping with the cottage and its surroundings.

We Need Space!

We visited Blackdown and made our minds up there and then.

The hut gives us the extra flexibility we need as the grandchildren grow up. We decided that as it was such a long-term investment we would fully load it with as many features as we could.  The star gazing panel added the final touch.

As a family, we can’t pretend that interior design is a strength of ours so Blackdown helped us through the process to make sure that we got a well-balanced well designed hut!

We like having another cosy yet practical space to enjoy the beautiful Devon countryside.



The Blackdown Experience

The service from Blackdown has been absolutely faultless to the point that a potentially tricky delivery was turned into a fun event. Highly recommended.

We had a very clear view on the facilities we needed and once we’d seen the quality of Blackdown’s work, choosing our hut wasn’t particularly difficult.

The hut has very quickly integrated itself into the lives of our family and friends. We should have bought one years ago!


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November 8, 2018