Alison Cameron’s Shepherd’s Hut

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For our latest customer story, Alison has shared a little insight into her shepherd’s hut: the type she bought, the reason behind the hut and the process behind getting one. Thank you Alison.

About us

We live in Fife, in the lovely countryside, close to Loch Leven.  We live in a farmhouse and have approx 8 acres of land, where we keep 3 horses, 13 Soay sheep, ducks, hens, cats, and our Border Terrier, Colin.  We run our own business – David is an education consultant (The Real David Cameron, and I provide the ‘back office’ services.

What made us decide we wanted a Shepherd Hut?  

We were at Badminton Horse Trials in 2019, as our daughter was competing in the 5*  We spent a lot of time wandering around the trade stands, . saw the Blackdown Hut and loved it!  Then we had to come up with a reason for having one ……..!!

What did we want from our Hut?  

For a while, we have thought about creating more accommodation for family and friends, and have considered renovating our stables, but that was going to be very expensive.  We have also been exploring different ways of expanding/changing the ways in which David can deliver his services.  The Hut got us thinking!  We wanted something of good quality, which would fit into our surroundings, would be attractive and comfortable, and reasonably adaptable.  To be honest, we didn’t speak to other manufacturers – we were so impressed by what we saw at Badminton, and by all of the information we subsequently received.  We read the testimonals on your website and decided that they supported our impressions.  We did look at other websites, but didn’t see anything we liked as much.

Why did we pick Blackdown?  

We just loved the Turnkey Hut!!!  Whilst this Hut was perhaps a little more expensive than others, it seemed to us to be worth that little bit more – and we’re still of that view, now that it’s here.  The craftsmanship is exceptional, the design and detail is lovely, everything is so tasteful, and very attractive.  We couldn’t visit you in Somerset, unfortunately, simply because we are so far away, but the service and support has been great, and we have always felt that we could trust this company.  We were right in thinking that.  We really appreciated the communications with Alan and Liza throughout the building process and loved the photos/updates


Why did we pick the Turnkey?  

Because it has given us everything, no fuss, no effort.  We wouldn’t have contemplated a self-build, and we trusted the design.  We also liked the fact that the cost includes everything – including the delivery to Scotland!  So we knew exactly what we were spending, from start to finish.

How do we feel now that it has arrived?  

Absolutely delighted!  It’s everything we had hoped it would be.  It is beautifully constructed, such good quality.  We were also very pleased with the delivery – Will and his colleague knew exactly what they were doing, and were so very good humoured throughout what proved to be quite a challenging exercise! We are very excited about welcoming family and visitors, and to showing off our new accommodation.  (We’re also pretty excited about staying in it ourselves …..!!!)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all, and a really exciting project!


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October 1, 2020