Cornish Creation – Liz’s Case Study

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Nestled in Cornwall, a self-build Blackdown shepherd hut took shape, and made owner Liz’s dreams come true. This is her story…

I’m Liz, and I first saw an article in a magazine featuring a lady who had bought a shepherd hut in need of renovation. I knew instantly I wanted one. That was in 2010, and I cut the page out and pinned it on my board to look at and dream over.

We moved to Cornwall in November 2016. Our new house had a large garden, meaning plenty of room for a shepherd’s hut. We found Blackdown online and were surprised that they sold a self-build option, which was perfect for us! My husband said he could build it and it was a fraction of the cost. The whole kit came neatly packed on a trailer. We had a work party with friends in the village to help move it into the garden, followed by a BBQ.

It took us two and a half months, plus lots of days painting and hammering, and I got my beautiful shepherd’s hut.

It has a bed, a table for my sewing machine, a chest of drawers full of material’s, and a rocking chair. I filled it with lots of photographs and mementos. It’s my studio-come-workshop, and I love it. It’s nice and warm and I can get creative with no distractions.

The staff at Blackdown couldn’t have been more helpful. I tell people to just go and have a look at all the different options that they do. Just looking around the work shop is amazing. Thank you Blackdown.



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March 28, 2018