Elli’s Relaxing Retreat

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Whilst many of our shepherd’s huts are bought, used (and sometimes even self-built!) for commercial or work related purposes, sometimes you just need a shepherd’s hut to simply relax – and that is exactly what Elli did! This is what she wanted to say about her relaxing retreat hut.

I know that I told you how pleased I was with my shepherd hut when it was delivered, but I have to say that I’m at something of a loss for words to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with it.

The quality of the materials and the excellence of the build and craftsmanship are second to none, and it was an absolute pleasure to be involved with you and the team from start to finish.  Not least when you all came to my rescue when I first discovered that my car had an auto-locking system!


Retreating for a snooze

As I said to you on the day that my Retreat Hut was delivered, it’s as though you had all got inside my head to find out exactly what I wanted, and then made it even better than I could have imagined.

I didn’t realise that you hadn’t built a wrap-around veranda before, and you would certainly never have guessed from looking at the wonderful job that you’ve made of it.  And the kitchen is perfect too.

I use it daily and have made a promise to myself that it’s a shepherd hut for relaxation, not work.  It’s certainly done the job so far, as I have had a remarkable number of unintentional snoozes in there, and no doubt that there will be many more to come.


A place to socialise

My neighbours, who used to live on Scilly, think it’s wonderful too and we have our regular Friday evening “parish meeting” (weekly wine and gossip!) in there.  Within five minutes of the opening of the first “meeting,” it had been voted a much better venue than the village pub, so it looks as though the booking will become a permanent fixture!

Thank you so much to all of you for building the dream that I had for so long, and for giving me such a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of my lovely corner of Devon.  It is absolutely perfect and I love it.

Elli Govier, Retreat Hut Customer.


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June 23, 2021