Glamping on the Isle of Wight

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Our shepherd huts are in all nooks and crannies of the world, and four of them are resident at a spot on the glorious of Isle of Wight, and you’ll be surprised to learn how they’re being used. We think this is a perfect place for our traditional self build huts to reside. Here’s more about them and the people who own them….


About us….

We are Fiona, husband Will, daughters Tabitha (19), and Lola (14)

Where we are….

We are on the North coast of the Isle of Wight, just 7 mins from both ferries’ arrival ports.

Why we chose shepherd huts….

We have four wooden shepherd huts, which we bought the kits to construct ourselves – my husband built them. We looked at various companies but liked Blackdown’s ethos and friendly service, and the fact that we could build them ourselves to our own spec.

About our huts….

We are using them as holiday accommodation.  We have done something unique – we put four around a decked area to use as one unit!  Each one is a different room. One is a master bedroom with ensuite; another is a 4 x bunk room with ensuite; and the other two are conjoined to create a larger living room/kitchen/diner.

The interior design…..

All the huts are different and we designed the interiors ourselves, having had a look at some examples at Blackdown HQ. It was useful to see what could fit in and look good – i.e 1m length to fit a shower/loo in one end!  It’s great to know that worked – as no one likes going outside to go to the loo in the night !

We went for a slightly Nordic/alpine look – everyone loves that – lots of wood, fur, slate, red and green.

Why we love shepherd huts….

We love the wooden build, the exciting nature and cosiness of a wooden cabin, the curved ceilings and roofs, and the chassis and wheels are beautiful too.

Why we love Blackdown…..

They are fantastic – they brought them down on trailers personally.  Lovely guys!

Why we recommend shepherd huts…..

They are very high quality and very robust but also look really good – solid and well built, authentic but fairly contemporary too.

Our website and social media….

Insta – intothewoodsiow

Facebook – IntotheWoodsTreehouse

Our shepherd hut experience….

We are trying to create a luxury glamping experience with something for everyone. Cosy, well equipped, comfy beds, power showers, wifi – kids happy outdoors, mum happy indoors!



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January 8, 2018