Jeremy and Alison’s Home Away from Home

We recently caught up with Jeremy and Alison who a few months ago received their very own shepherd hut from us here at Blackdown Shepherd Huts. Why not find out a little more about their Retreat Hut below.

Tell us a bit about you.

Alison & I stopped working about three years ago. We spend our time looking after our few acres of land, growing vegetables, fruit and trees (we have planted a 2,500-tree wood), as well as getting increasingly involved in the local community, and enjoying occasional trips away.

Why we decided we wanted a shepherd hut.

Having enjoyed childhood dens, I have always looked with envy upon those with shepherd huts and have dreamt for many years of having a little home away from home.  Once we had visited Blackdown (with a friend who was interested in investing in a hut for commercial purposes) we were smitten.  The prospect of a long lockdown with no holidays in 2020 tipped the decision.

What we wanted from our shepherd hut

We wanted a place to go for a cup of tea or an afternoon reading or a sundowner or a barbecue or a night away….The shepherd hut fulfils each of these occasions.

Why we picked Blackdown

We were immediately struck by the positive ethos and atmosphere at Blackdown.  The quality of the build and that Blackdown would tailor the hut to our precise wants and details were significant attractions.  We liked the fact that the materials are as far as possible sourced locally (e.g. the wheels are cast in Chard) and felt that by buying the hut from Blackdown we were doing a tiny bit for the local economy in a particularly tough year.

Why we chose the Retreat Hut

We wanted a hut which is a retreat, has the look and feel of a traditional shepherd hut but that is also luxurious and indulgent. The high spec of the hut, the copper ceiling, corner stove and pull-down bed are magnificent, the awning providing a shaded area with a view over the nearby hills is one of the very best features.

How we found the delivery process

Efficient, exciting and smooth – as one would expect from Blackdown!

How we feel now the hut is completed

Now in place for almost 4 months, the shepherd hut has proved to be even more wonderful than anticipated: we spend a lot of time up there and feel as if we have been on a trip away when we come back down to the house.  Even if we’re only there for half an hour, it feels like a holiday!


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November 20, 2020