Joanna and Graham’s “Trundle”

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Who or what is Trundle? A shepherd’s hut, of course!

This is the story of Joanna and Graham’s hut, Trundle, and how she became a very integral part of their lives.

‘We both have or strictly speaking had, pretty full-on jobs.  Joanna was the Business Partner for a very active, caring and dynamic GP’s practice near Portsmouth, while Graham works for a major maritime organisation in London.

‘For some time we’ve been looking for space away from the demands of our delightful but elderly cottage (about 300 years old), situated in the South Downs National Park. In fact, it’s such a great place we didn’t really want to have to leave it to find space away from ‘phones, chores and perpetual decorating/repairs. So, some form of summer house/shed or hut seemed a good idea.  It did not take long to decide that a shepherd’s hut would be the answer, considerable research followed and, despite closer builders, Blackdown Shepherd Huts looked as if they would offer all we wanted at a reasonable price and great quality.  So, we went to have a look!

‘Well, we were bowled over by Blackdown, starting with the good cup of coffee Alan offered us.  Graham needs regular topping up with caffeine.  Alan talked us through what we wanted and discussed the options and offered some great advice.  However, our key requirement was windows to let in the light, to sew and paint by, but equally important to let in the view down the valley.  Maybe not a heart-stopping view but one we’re very fond of.

‘Discussion over, we went away to think, and we’d decided by Exeter – actually probably well before the Dorset/Devon border.  The order was placed and delivery fixed, for the 1st of March.  Sadly, on the morning of the 1st the news came through that snow had blocked the roads to Cornwall and very shortly afterwards Will rang to say he was doubtful about getting to us.  We agreed that to go ahead would be foolish, so delivery was re-organised for the 9th of March, as it turned out, in the brief weather window between the two snow dumps.

‘Will and Jamie arrived bright and early, having reviewed the photos and maps we’d sent of the site.  They were superb and Graham’s ego is still bruised having seen the way they manoeuvred the trailer with the hut on it.  We can do no better than say see the selection of photos.  In what seemed moments they’d wheeled in our “Trundle” backed her up the garden and swung her round to face the view.

‘She’s fairly minimalist inside with just a couple of pieces of furniture to supplement her built-in desk, sink, bed and stove.  The light is amazing, and her finish is beautiful, simple and serene.  Apart from a radio, all electronic gizmos are banned so the sockets with built-in charging are wasted, unless we weaken. (No chance!). But what attention to detail, typical of the whole hut. Again, see the photos.

‘Is she doing what we wanted? Yes, in bucketfuls! She’s a great place to think, plan, talk, do, and have the odd glass of wine.  What’s more even on work days or when it snowed AGAIN we use her, she’s also splendidly insulated.


‘Oh yes…..and why Trundle? If you look at the map of the South Downs, just east of us is The Trundle where real shepherds’ huts must have stood providing shelter and comfort for real shepherds and the odd chilly lamb.’

What a wonderful story!


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April 13, 2018