Thatcher… One Year On!

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It comes as no surprise that we love hearing about all the homes our shepherd’s huts to go, which means that we get even more excited when our lovely customers continue to send us updates as the years go by! For our customer story today, we are revisiting Elsie, a shepherd’s hut who is now approaching her very first birthday! To celebrate, here is a little something from her very happy owners!


Happy 1st Birthday!

We can’t believe that we have had Elsie for almost a year. We absolutely love her and are up here staying again as I write this.

The house build is moving ever closer to starting but the process is frustratingly slow and in this respect Elsie has been our saving grace enabling us to come up and stay at every opportunity.

We have had lots of fun personalizing her. Our book collection for her shelf is slowly growing made up from walking maps and nature based books set in the highlands and beyond. One of the jobs we want to do over the next few days is fit the oil lamp that we got for Christmas last year. This will add a magical glow to winter evenings along with the log burner. Our youngest daughter has been up twice with her boyfriend over the summer and they absolutely loved staying here.

Water, water everywhere…. well, maybe not

Would you believe we still don’t have drainage or running water, but these will come as part of the foundation work for the house and then Elsie will step up to a whole new level.


Thank you Blackdown!

Thank you again to all the team at Blackdown, every time we step inside her we are reminded of how lucky we are to own her, how amazing Alan and of course the lovely Will were in getting her here to the plot and we feel very blessed.


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November 1, 2021