The Heirloom Shepherd Hut

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Blackdown says that every hut has a story, and this is the story of The Raymond family’s shepherd hut.

‘We are the Raymonds, and our hut is an heirloom for our children from their grandparents. Nick’s father was an artist and sculptor and sculpted a wonderful piece for his church in Durham called “The Good Shepherd”. It was based on a traditional Weirdale Shepherd. The hut is a fitting tribute to his memory.


Our Story

‘Nick and I have lived in Devon for 19 years in the most stunning location; we feel very lucky. Our two children Megan and Charlie were born in 2002 and 2006 and ever since then we knew we needed extra space. We applied for planning permission 10 years ago to extend the house but it was refused due to the traditional style of the cottage. We have since thought long and hard  about our options – moving house wasn’t ever on the agenda as we didn’t want to leave this beautiful place.

‘A shepherd hut is perfect for our setting and Nick’s father’s memory. We just had to remodel the garden to maximise the amazing views. I trawled though websites looking at huts, but each time I came back to Blackdown -because they are so beautifully made. Being just over an hour away, Nick and I visited with the thought that we’d buy a self build! How wrong we were – when we saw the beautiful craftsmanship and the love and attention to detail the team put in to making the bespoke huts, we knew we wouldn’t be able to replicate that. So we placed our order for a 16ft Turnkey Hut.

‘We waited 9 months – it really was like having a baby! And it was lucky we did have to wait that long because the garden project had to be completed and this was going to a major build in itself.

‘The hut sleeps two and has a small kitchen area and shower room and is for our family and friends. One day we may rent it out but not for now, we love it too much.

The Blackdown Experience

‘The team at Blackdown have made the experience such a lovely memorable one. Alan and Liza in the office, the team who crafted it, and Will and Jamie who allayed my perpetual fears about it not fitting down our lane (boy was it tight but you guys were amazing!).

‘I’d say to anyone who is considering buying a Shepherd Hut to bypass everyone else and go straight to Blackdown, they love each and every hut as much as you will, so why would you go anywhere else.’

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August 8, 2018