The Home Office Hut – Michael Gould, York


We like it when people dream big, and so many people come to us with the hope of a home office in the shape of a shepherd’s hut. We are pleased to say that one very happy customer, Michael Gould, did that very thing and created his cosy home office in a hut near York, and it suits him down to the ground. Come on in and have a look around….

About us

We are Michael and Emily Gould, early 50s, around 8 or 9 children (birth children, adopted and fostered, which is why the number goes up and down) ranging from grown-up down to 4 years. We are based  out in the countryside, 15 miles north of York

Our home office shepherd’s hut

We have a large house, but with a very active household I needed somewhere away from the house for my work in computer software (founder of Anaplan). The hut is primarily for use as a home office. At the moment it’s located near the house, but the plan is to move it around 500m away from the house at the far end of a field (once the ground is dry enough for us to move it there, without it sinking into the mud!). We included a toilet, small kitchen unit and woodburner, but wanted these to take minimal space, so they’re located at one end. (It’s a bit unconventional in that the toilet cubicle we wanted is actually too small for the door to close when in use… but the door can bolt in position half-open to provide reasonable privacy, and this works for me – most of the time it would only be me in the hut anyway!)

With this design I’m able to fit in a large (7’) sofa in the middle of the hut and still have plenty of space for a large desk at the other end. We’re not intending it to be used for sleeping, though a bed would fit where the desk is now if we change its use in the future. Internet access is provided by a point-to-point wireless link back to the main house network, using a pair of Ubiquiti Nanobeam ACs.

We designed its interior fairly simple in style with soft green and white colours.

We love shepherd’s huts because….

They have beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail, and things like solid oak shelves, and smooth end-grain on the solid wood kitchen worktop.

Blackdown provided….

Great service, and kept us well informed.

Our shepherd hut is….

….an inspiring and quiet place to work.

You can find Michael (Anaplan) on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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February 23, 2018