The Joy of Our Shepherd’s Hut – Phil & Penny


Phil and Penny wanted a shepherd’s hut for them and for their friends. They wanted one specifically for fun – and why not?! Our huts are meant to be enjoyed! Here’s their delightful story of how they acquired their wriggly tin hut and what they’ve been enjoying in the hut.

About you

We are Phil and Penny, heading enthusiastically towards retirement in Devon after careers in IT and HR in London.

What kind of hut do you have and why did you decide to get one?

We have a green wriggly tin hut, which looks right in its setting at the top of a paddock, positioned to make the most of lovely Dartmoor views. We visited the Blackdown workshop and loved the look of the huts and the friendly feel of the place. It was good to see huts in various stages of construction and to meet some of the people involved in making them. It felt like a company that takes pride in its products.

What will the hut be used for and how many does it sleep?

The hut is for fun – to enjoy views and sunsets that we can’t see from the house and to watch wild weather rolling in from the west. Friends love it too – it’s big enough to be very comfortable for four and small enough to feel cosy when it’s just the two of us.

Are you decorating the hut yourselves?

We’ve really enjoyed upcycling things we already had to give them a new lease of life in the hut. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do for old brown furniture, and how different things look in another setting.

What do you love about shepherd’s huts?

If life is about moments, the shepherd’s hut facilitates joyful ones. It takes you back to childhood and Wendy houses and uncomplicated pleasures.

What was the delivery and general customer service like from Blackdown? 

Friendly, informative and helpful. They seemed to understand that this was a significant purchase for us and made the transaction feel personal. The delivery could have been a nightmare to our awkward site, but Will and Jamie were quite unfazed and found a way to make it work.

Why would you recommend the hut you have and why?

It looks at home in its setting, and we felt the wriggly tin would be the best material to cope with the wet and windy weather we get here. The double doors make the most of the view, and having already been tested by heavy rain and gales, we can vouch for the fact that it is cosy and waterproof.

Enjoy those shepherd hut moments, Phil and Penny!


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November 27, 2017