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A Blackdown Retreat Hut used as a Reiki Treatment room in Somerset

Elizabeth is a Reiki practitioner, actually, she’s a Reiki Master based not far from Weston Super Mare in Somerset.   We’re always delighted to hear the reasons why our Shepherds Huts are the choice for a treatment room or studio for Wellbeing practitioners, so we got in touch with Elizabeth to discover a little more about her story.



Why did you decide on a Shepherd’s Hut?

I live on a farm, and I wanted my treatment room to be here too in our old orchard, so I felt I needed something more natural than a space in a building, somewhere that would blend into its surroundings.


What did you want from your Hut?

I wanted somewhere private for my clients.  A space to feel comfortable, relaxed and calm.


Why did you specifically pick Blackdown Shepherd Huts?

I was aware of Blackdowns quality and I wanted my hut to stand the test of time so it was a natural choice to visit them – it was a bonus that they weren’t too far away either.

Elizabeth Redding, Reiki Master in her Blackdown Retreat Hut


Did you come to our Show Garden in Somerset?

Yes, I visited you all twice.  I spent a lot of time in each of the huts.  On one visit I sat on the floor for 15 mins so I could feel into the space, feel where things would go and see if I could feel myself practising in the hut and see if there was a good feeling.  Blackdown gave me the time and the space to do this.


Which of our Huts did you choose and Why?

I chose a Retreat Hut, primarily because of the space. The space being versatile was important and these huts gave me the ability to create it just how I wanted it. The windows needed to be in exactly the right place, I wanted people to walk in and not feel enclosed and I needed the light to be in a beneficial place to work with it, so having the ability to get the details right with Blackdown was great, they were really helpful with that.

I did consider a Tasker Selfbuild hut, but given the time of year it would have been built I knew that Blackdown would do a good job for not much more money, so I had the Retreat.

Elizabeth Redding, Reiki Master in her Blackdown Retreat Hut


What was our Delivery Service of your Blackdown Hut like?

Very good, they were fantastic.


How do you feel now the Hut is finished and is in place, have you used it yet?

It’s beautiful. The hut interior is painted soft pink, as it is the colour of unconditional love – and a calming soothing colour – ideal for clients as they settle into the treatment.  I’m not fully open for business at the moment as I have a house project to manage, but it is in use and its position in the old orchard is just wonderful.


We want to thank Elizabeth for welcoming us into her hut, the Reiki Magdalene Hut, and we wish her business continued success over the years to come.

You can find her on Instagram at @the_reiki_magdalene_hut or on Facebook at Reiki Magdalene Hut


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May 13, 2024