How is my shepherd hut delivered to me?

The hut comes flat-packed on a trailer, and is delivered by one or two of our Blackdown team. They will help you place it where you need it, answer any last-minute queries, enjoy a nice cup of tea, and then leave you to the DIY!

What kind of terrain is best for a self-build shepherd hut?

The hut will need a flat base to sit on, four concrete pads under each of the wheels will suffice.

Do I require planning permission to build a shepherd’s hut on my land?

You may well do – it all depends on where your land is and what restrictions there are. It’s best to consult with you local planning department who can give you the best advice. We would advise using a planning consultant to make enquiries. We do have contacts that can help, so get in touch –

What comes in the self-build kit? 

It can be as little as just a rolling chassis, or as much as you need to create a simple hut and everything in between – we can guide you through what you will need and what might inspire you!

Are there instructions for the self-build?

Oh yes! We provide a set of written instructions and are always available on the phone if you run into something that doesn’t make sense (though we’re pretty sure it will!).

Can I build the hut by myself?

If you are a dab-hand at DIY, then of course you can! Bear in mind that you will need a willing helper to help with the outside, but the majority of the inside you should be able to do on your own. We love to hear your self-build success stories!

Are the window and door positions fixed on the self-build? 

No, you can specify where they go in the hut we will tailor the frame to suit. We can create something very special that’s right for you.

If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on