If you love to create, love wood, love a shepherd’s hut, then you might just want to get your hands on one of these artisan self-build hut kits.
You can build your own shepherd’s hut retreat for your home or business with our self build shepherd hut, which comes in a flat pack shepherd hut kit. Delivered to you on our Blackdown trailer, we leave the construction in your capable hands.
Complete with video instructions, these easy to build huts are designed by us at Blackdown Shepherd Huts and offer you the option to create your own luxury bespoke hut. As well as the self-build shepherd hut kits, you benefit from all Blackdown’s experience in the pack. We’ve built towable shepherd’s huts and complete luxury Turnkey and double Brace huts, so we know what we’re doing!

Alan from the Blackdown team says: ‘A self-build hut is a really rewarding and fun way to have a hut in your garden, learn new skills, buy new tools (who doesn’t like an excuse to do that?!) ,involve the whole family, and make it truly your own! We know we make fantastic huts but the self-build creates an opportunity to truly put your own stamp on it.’

Watch our latest self build video here!