Following the news that we can now be reunited with our loved ones in our comfiest, warmest and favourite places, like our homes, gardens, pubs, and restaurants and (not forgetting Shepherd Huts!), we thought we would look back on the last gathering we had, as little did we know it would be the last one for two years!

Something we love about shepherd huts is that they end up in the most nature-immersed spots for glamping accommodation, home offices, spare rooms and garden retreats alike, and in only a few steps the shepherd hut’s experience can be extended to the outdoors with our quality crafted outdoor experience range. 

So when we invited suppliers, friends and family to our display garden in Somerset, where we had everything we needed for our guests to enjoy our huts, each other, some delicious food and of course a tipple or two for some.

When it got dark the huts became the place to top up your drink or snuggle up with a blanket. Roars of laughter billowed whilst cosy conversations took place in different pockets of the garden.

The moment the marshmallows came out was an important one. A gathering of characters huddled around the fire each making room for the next person, and helping the little ones stack their skewers with some sugary goodness. Stories were told, friends were reconnected, and the ice broken for new faces as the flames danced and the warmth of the fire wrapped it’s arms around the summery scene. 

Similar scenes were happening all throughout the display garden; The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed was the popular, soft and cosy spot for people to take the weight off their feet for a moment, resting from laughing and eating, whilst soaking up the pleasures of the evening. With the glow of the setting sun, the crackling fire and the approaching friend who inevitably would say “room for a little one?” the chatting and laughter resumed and the swing bed gently rocked.

Moving further into the garden things became quieter but this was by no means due to the lack of conversation. More like the fact that a wealth of cheese, cream teas and treats were being polished off at the table underneath our Oak Canopy. With the all too familiar second wind of hunger satisfied, the time passed by as quickly as the flames of the outdoor candles flickered in the gentle breeze. 

The last of the marshmallows were toasted, the embers of the fire slowly glowed, and the hum of giggling became more distinct amongst the small pockets of people who slowly migrated from the- now empty- mini feast under the Oak Canopy, to the freshly illuminated fires in the shepherd huts. 

Once the last two people had solved some of life’s challenges underneath the LED star-lit Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed, they warmly wished each other good night and lightly walked to their designated beds in the Turnkey Hut, Brace Hut and Retreat Hut. 

Our signature Wall Beds were pulled down with readymade luxury linens, ready for heavy heads to hit the pillow as they looked up at the stars through the star-gazing roof light, and peacefully drifted off to sleep with a smile. 

Over the years we’ve learned that fire pits, day beds, hot tubs (and don’t forget the marshmallows) all share a very common element with a shepherd hut… they host an environment for us to fulfill our need to connect with others. As well as extending the shepherd hut’s luxury experience out to its natural surroundings, our outdoor experience range creates a beautiful synergy between that and the user’s connection to each other.