January 12, 2018

Dear Alan, George and Will,


Just a brief note to thank you all very much for the care, attention and detail you all expressed throughout the process of my purchase of your amazing product! I think you could tell that I was happy…


I know you need a few lines for PR purposes, but I’m struggling to find words and phrases that are not cliché.

“Completed and delivered on time”

“Exceptional customer service”

“Exceptional craftsmanship”

“Superb traditional product, made for the modern day romantic”

“Care and attention to detail in all aspects of the order”

“Going above and beyond to accommodate a Saturday viewing”

“An amazing team of warm, friendly and honest people”


All the above are absolutely true and yet still fail to express my own personal satisfaction. I will recommend you wherever I can, such a shame that I will only need the one!…. Would have loved to have done business with you again one day.


Anyway….before you can’t get your heads through your barn doors…..I thought I’d send you a few of the pics I took, they may be good enough for your website…. Ill sent them in separate mails as they will be easier to up/download.


Thanks again, and I wish you all well for the future…