January 12, 2018

The shepherds hut was easy to assemble by 2 people who were able to get the hut weather tight in 5 days with the finishing inside taking approx another weeks work. This was slowed because only weekend work time was available and also having to wait for paint/oil to dry between coats.

The hut was easy to assemble with all the major parts fitting together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. No specialist tools were required other than those used by a typical DIY person. Some tools could make life quicker and easier such as a chop saw (which I own) and a nail gun (which I don’t).

Although supplied as a turnkey kit it gave a great deal of satisfaction to build up the hut to it habitable state. The hut nestles in the garden in a sheltered corner yet in a prominent position. Once inside the double glazing and sheep’s wool insulation cut out all noise from the outside world.  This truly is our little sanctuary.


We now sit snug from the weather enjoying the view over the fields full of sheep to the village church about 1 mile away. This is how a ‘garden room’ should be, Warm, dry and cosy.