January 12, 2018

To Will, George, Alan, Bridie and everyone at Blackdown Shepherd Huts Thank you all so much for your hospitality, advice, help and especially your patience, in helping me (us but mostly me), achieve the dream shepherd hut goal.

It was a pipe dream for more than ten years but within a week of visiting you at Blackdown, was on the way to becoming a reality.

When Will delivered our self-build to Manor Farm back in October it was a wonderful day.  The way he drove in and unloaded it in the barn was almost too exciting, but then it sat there for two weeks until the weather broke and John could make a start.

The villagers of Aust have enjoyed watching it’s progress and more than one has expressed an interest so, hopefully, next year you will have them visiting you to place orders.  Milly hasn’t got her own shepherd hut yet but it will happen in the new year and when it does I’ll send a picture.

And we had a Christmas miracle!  Joy of joys, John arranged for the farmer who rents our land to help him lift the hut into the garden. With just the log burner left to install, we’re almost there.

So to all at Blackdown we hope you have a very Hapy Christmas, a healthy and busy 2016 and that you enjoy the travelling George.

Thank you all for making my shepherd hut dream come true in time for Christmas