January 12, 2018

Dear Al, Will, George, Bridie and all the other lovely people at Blackdown who had a hand in making my beautiful hut,


I ordered my hut (affectionately known as Jabba – yes, yes, I know it’s not a pretty name, but it just sort of stuck…) back in June, after my sisters persuaded me that I needed to have a room of my own to escape to. It was an indulgence that I felt a little guilty about but, as soon as I stepped over the Blackdown threshold, I was smitten. All my requests were listened to and worked into what has become the most delightful sanctuary that anyone could wish for.


I wanted to use a 12v battery system which hadn’t been done before, but it was never a problem and the whole thing was incorporated into the design so that it is easy to use and just as I wanted.


My delivery date was 6th August and I was so excited except that I was nursing a terminally ill relative in Cornwall at that time. Sadly, I was unable to be there for Jabba’s arrival but she was there waiting for me when I returned after two close family deaths within a week. Since then, she has been my sanctuary, my project and my joy and delight.


I have spent many happy hours deciding on the colour scheme and getting things in place to make her truly mine. The last bit of the jigsaw arrives on Wednesday when I will send you some pictures of Jabba as she is now.


Eventually, I am hoping to be able to sit and write my best-seller in there with the dogs lounging in front of the stove but, for now, I just go and sit and reflect on the world and find a quiet that is absent in my everyday life. Even when the wind and rain are unleashing another battering on us, I wander down in my wellies, light the stove, shut the door and forget the world.


How lucky am I? and how clever are all of you at Blackdown?


Thank you, thank you, thank you for designing and building this little home. You are all so good at what you do and I hope that Blackdown goes from strength to strength in the years to come.


With love and best wishes and the happiest of Christmases to you all