January 12, 2018

Every event with visit with our beautiful catering shepherds hut people stand and admire. Driving through villages people stand and stare and always smile as we pass by.

Thank you both for your great craftsmanship which is always noticed by our many customers on their way to buying our sussex lamb cooked in our fabulous kitchen. It is so easy

when arriving at an event watching others struggle with their Gazabos we just unhitch drop the legs and have a cup of tea.

We are now approaching some really big events to test us to the limit and see how we cope. The most noticeable thing so far is how cool the shepherds hut stays when we are really busy with all the burners going. The height and brightness within the hut is also great for us cooking. So now boys I just need a living hut and my dream will be complete parked side by side I wont need to drive home each day just stay in my bedroom next door.


Thanks to you both for you fantastic work