There are many things that match so very well with our shepherd huts, and food is definitely one of them. Eating together, inside and outside, sharing, cooking, fire pits, and enjoying the beauty of the day and night set against the backdrop of our shepherd huts is what life’s all about! So, to have our huts at Taste of London over the weekend was a pleasure and a joy.

Our huts took centre stage at the event in Regents’ Park, with our Turnkey hut as a companion to the fire hut culinary demonstrations, showcasing the perfect combination of outdoor cooking and shepherd hut delights. We were thrilled that it was also the perfect chill out area for the plethora of top chefs such as Niklas Ekstedt, Nicholas Balfe, Manoella Buffara, Ben Wish, Pip Lacey and many more  who were sharing their amazing skills over the weekend.

Our catering hut became the food prep area and the main focus for the demonstrations, which was just perfect.

We’ll definitely be back at Taste of London next year!