Embracing an Aged Appearance

Here at Blackdown Shepherd Huts, we’ve long been delighted about discovering products or solutions from creatives that would sit perfectly in our huts. Either aesthetically or functionally, Rough Old Glass is a wonderful example of a brand we identified to work more closely with if we could.

The brainchild of an Upholsterer specialising in French antiques and mirrors, and a Restorer and Conservator who had spent many years working within the arms of English Heritage and the National Trust, Rough Old Glass was born when the pair were frequently working on mirrored pieces imported from France without surviving glass. In order to replace the missing or shattered originals, they developed their own beautiful hand-silvering and distressing technique.

The ability to create a modern solution came through years of handling and restoring true antique glass. It’s not something that would easily be managed without those decades of hands-on experience between themselves.


Enhanced Aesthetics 

Today we are delighted to have some of their captivating hand-silvered and antiqued glass within our hut. Our Blackdown Fusion brace hut has their exquisite glass installed behind the old record player in the lounge area and there’s a toughened antique splashback created by them in our mini bar area.  Both provide a subtle and homely decorative interest to these areas.  We love how the reflections enhance the warmth of our hut spaces.



Tradition Meeting Modern Methods

Creating these antique look glass pieces is a time consuming process.  A many-layered journey of creation that includes chemical bonding and a silvering solution for their team.  A journey that ultimately ends by delivering a rich old-world appearance, thanks to some modern skills and hand processes.   The perfect partner for a Blackdown hut, we think and trust you agree.


Beyond the Silvering

In addition to the creation of hand-silvered glass products, general restoration, bespoke framing and some contemporary panelled mirrors are just some of the other areas Rough Old Glass specialise in.   You can keep up with the brand through via the links below.

Instagram @oldroughglass
Facebook Rough Old Glass
Website Rough Old Glass